Mr. Plant is the Affordable Interior plant service. Discover Mr. Plant's commitment to total customer satisfaction and superior quality. Start enjoying the worry-free natural beauty of a professionally designed and maintained interior environment! We are devoted to our craft, striving to bring you the most beautiful plants to your environment. Serving Southern California for over 40 years.

We're Experts

Creating the appropriate atmosphere and image with living plants. That is our specialty. Whether it is

an office, mall, hotel, retail store or other building interior, we’re experts at enhancing the appearance

of commercial and business space with plants. Our clients expect and receive exceptional

performance. Our in-depth knowhow and meticulous attention to detail in planting and then maintaining

impressive interior landscapes has made us leaders in our field.

How We Work

The plantings we install and maintain are a reflection of us as much as they are of our clients. That’s

why we take special care during every phase of the interior landscaping process. Before we install the

first plant, our designers visit your facility to check all factors that may create problems – conditions

such as lighting, heating, cooling, traffic flow and interior design. Then we develop a plan using plants

that will complement your facility and survive in it. We can work with your designer or directly with you.


Our service begins with installation. Once we’ve installed your landscape, our horticultural

specialist visits your facility regularly to care for your plants, keeping them healthy and attractive. When

necessary, we replace plants that have deteriorated. And we do it rapidly. The result is exceptional

appearance for your building interior every day of the year.


To insure outstanding appearance at all times, we maintain a large inventory of acclimatized tropical

plants and trees – plants specially grown to live in building interior conditions. And we stock a large

variety of planters and containers to meet almost any interior planting need.

The Professional Difference

Our knowledgeable people recommend, install and then care for your plants. With trained, uniformed

horticulturists we have the staff and support systems necessary to deliver consistent top quality service

at prices that are unusually cost effective. We sell or lease. How can you use our services? What would

it cost? Call us. We would be pleased to answer your questions. There is no obligation.